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Designed by Ushsdolls is formed by a multidisciplinary professional equipment of designers specialized Web Hosting and programmers Web in carrying out the design to size Web and development Web app for all type of organizations, products and companies.

We are professional, working and versatile an equipment that we counted on a good experience in the creation of spaces and tools Webs of information, administration, management and communication. We are specialized in the design and development of applications Web and mobiles (Webs, apps or Web apps)
focused to communicate, to manage information and to interact with the users€¦ optimizing the adapted design and the usuabilidad€¦ to the needs of the project.

We were in charge of the project of principle to aim from the conception of the idea and the design of the image, to the development and programming of the application and creation of contents multimedia (graphical, 3d, multimedia, video).

We help and we advised to our clients to develop solutions that help to improve the management, the publicity and communication of their project developing applications Web, planning communication strategies and marketing online that arrive at the wished public and that they optimize the communication.

Our work is excited, we like the challenges and we worked with the aim of offering eel better service and to contribute the best solutions. Bienvenid@s.

Development applications Ushsdolls, design Web Terrassa, design Web Sant Cugat,€¦

Services of design and development Web

design Web Sant Cugat

Design of webpages

We design attractive, visual, totally administrable webpages, creative, comunicativas, corporative, promotional, institutional, informative responsive,€¦ optimized to size adapt to movable devices with design responsive.

development applications Ushsdolls

Design and development of applications Web

Development of applications measured, B2B, intranets, extranets, systems e-learning, development of management tools and administration, data analysis and organization, tool of communication, B2B, B2C, ecommerce,€¦

Development and design of stores online

Design of stores online and catalogues

Development of solutions and customized systems e-commerce in accordance with the customized project, design stores online, catalogues multimedia, presentations product multimedia, B2C, B2B,€¦

programmers apps Barcelona

Development of apps

Design and development of Android applications, IOS,€¦ development of applications cross-platform for mobiles and tablets of IOS and Android. We develop apps native and hybrid focused to the interaction with the users.

Community Manager, SEO and SEM

Digital marketing

Social communication, publicity, positioning Web and networks

Community Barcelona manager in Terrassa and Sant Cugat of Valles

Community Manager

Management social networks and contents multimedia

We manage and we invigorated your social networks: facebook, to twitter, google +, instagram, through strategies of communication and engagement

SEO Barcelona positioning


Positioning natural Web in finders

We realise the positioning SEO to reach to the maximum possible of potential clients

SEM Google Adwords positioning


Management Campaigns Google Addwords

We manage and we optimized campaigns in Google Adwords with the aim of orienting and optimizartus campaigns online

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+ 10

years of experience

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Design Web Responsive

He is your website or application adapted for movable devices?

Development and design of adapted applications Web to movable devices: tablets, mobiles,€¦ and optimized for the main navigators: €œ|trans}}

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari,€¦

+ info design Web responsive

Design Web responsive Barcelona

Development and Design Web optimized for the positioning in the main finders

Customized SEO

Positioning Web in the main finders: Google, Bing, Yahoo,€¦

Positioning seeking

Personal and professional treatment

Some of our clients

The news & Communications

The last news and communications of our company

Responsive design: essential for the positioning SEO in Google

In February of 2014 Google realised a transcendental communication in its official blog (€œFinding dwells mobile-friendly search results€) in a which alerted of the necessity to implement the design Web responsive€¦

listing the news
design Web resposive Terrassa
marketing online Barcelona
digital marketing online
Digital marketing, an essential tool in your enterprise strategy I

Marketing online has become a tool powerful and essential to conduct communication battle in the companies.

€œGeniuses€ new educative project of Google and Ayuda in Action

It knows the new educative project for the formation in programming Google and Ayuda in Action for the schools€¦

programming Ushsdolls
Geniuses programming Web Google

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