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Design Ushsdolls - GTT
Design Ushsdolls - GTT

The Work group on Treatments of VIH (gTt-HIV) is a NGO located in Barcelona whose main objective is to educate and to facilitate information on the medical advances in HIV and main sexually transmitted diseases collaborating with public institutions taking to end this aim.

The project counts on the endorsement of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality (Spain) through the action of the Secretariat of the National Plan of AIDS.

It is the first national finder that informs into a scientific and conprensible way on the interaction of antiretroviral medecines and drugs or substances that can have adverse effects for the health. 

Els usuaris podin to utilitzar l'eina d'una way an²nima, obtenint one informaci³ molt valuosa of car cter sanitari.

We participate in the conception of the project, from the graphical design, design Web of the informative portal and complete development of the application.

Web was developed to the application contained in website as the version for movable devices for android as as much ios.

Proud to participate in this type of projects with a good social aim.

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Design Ushsdolls

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