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development of intranets and extranets

Nowadays, the internal communication of any company or organization, as much as the external one (suppliers, clients, collaborator,€¦) he is vitally important for the organization of the information, the communication and the saving of time and resources, in addition to increasing the efficiency and reducing costs.

The development of intranets corporative and its use, allow the equipment of the company to have a tool to the management, administration and organization of information, consult and unloading of data, organization of projects, formation,€¦ establishing channels that allow to organize the information and the communication of an effective form and practical using applications that simplify this daily work.

The development of extranets allows to offer a tool to our users, clients, collaborator,€¦ that allows to make agile and to improve the communication and to win in effectiveness.

The great volume of daily information that it is generated as much internally as externally causes that their consultation and access not always are agile, failing to take advantage of one of the most important assets of all organization: the knowledge.

Our equipment advises to you in the conception, design, creation and development of your Intranet or extranet, consults to us without commitment.

Basic characteristicses

Customized design intranets to the corporative image

Optimized development in accordance with the project

Design architecture of the information

Manager of contents and users to administer to contents and accesses

Definition of rolls and uses to organize who and how it accedes to the information

Burglaryable to incorporate new functionalities according to the needs

Adapted to movable devices for its use in any platform

Examples of last realised projects

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What we do?

We design and we developed intranets and extranets corporative for the internal and external communication and information management, in accordance with the needs of communication and management of the company. Design of intranets and development to size

An Intranet or extranet allows to make agile the transactions of information optimizing costs and generating value to the companies.

Main characteristics

  • Systems of authentication, registry and preferences of users
  • Private and shared agenda
  • Access to invoices, orders, supplies,€¦
  • System elearning for the formation online
  • Consultation and unloading of documentation
  • Catalogues of products and tariffs
  • The news of interest and new features

  • Zone multimedia (gallery of images and videos)
  • Technical support and visualization of state of incidences
  • Creation of forums, informative blogs interns
  • Pursuit of projects, shipments,€¦
  • More frequent questions and answers
  • Attendance online
  • Statistics

Some of our clients
  • Appco Group
  • British camera of commerce
  • Universitat Aut²noma Bellaterra - Barcelona
  • Pere Tarr©s
  • Katia
  • Fw1
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Development intranets Barcelona

Programming and design extranets and intranets for companies and clients of Barcelona: Sabadell, Sant Cugat of Valles, Terrassa, Molins de Rei, Matar³, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, Granollers, Ruby, Gav , Sitges€¦ Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, remote Catalonia and with companies of London, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam.

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