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SEM positioning - Google Campaigns adwords

All strategy of positioning SEO is not immediate. It is recommended for those companies that look for results faster (and logically more expensive), to contrarestar campaigns of the competition, to take advantage of the cycles sales,€¦. although in the long term recommendable to invest in positioning natural Web or SEO.

Google Adwords allows you to appear in the first results of Google receiving an amount guaranteed based on key words by each click.

We realise the study by main key words, webpage, costs by visit, products or services and optimized its budget to obtain to the maximum yield in google adwords https://www.google.es/adwords

Design Web to size, responsive and optimized for SEO

We carry out strategies of Marketing online oriented to the pick up of new clients or users for your company or institution, optimizing to the maximum the advertising investment. We are expert in the Management of Campaigns of Publicity in Google AdWords and the Organic Positioning in Finders.

We develop and we optimized your publicity in Google to obtain the greater yield. We helped you to increase your sales generating more traffic to your webpage, to obtain usuary potentials of quality and fidelizar to your own clients. We work in line with you to help you to fulfill your objectives.

Basic characteristicses

Customized campaigns to your needs of communication and pick up.

Study and optimization of key words (keywords)

Creation of Landing Pages

Quality optimization Score for a smaller cost by Keyword

Some of our clients
  • Appco Group
  • British camera of commerce
  • Universitat Aut²noma Bellaterra - Barcelona
  • Pere Tarr©s
  • Katia
  • Fw1
  • Claires

Campaigns Google Adwords

Management of campaigns google adwords (SEM positioning) companies of Barcelona: Sabadell, Sant Cugat of Valles, Terrassa, Molins de Rei, Matar³, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, Granollers, Ruby, Gav , Sitges€¦ Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, remote Catalonia and with companies of London, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam.

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